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Asciari | Aquamarine Dress in Black

by Asciari


Too cute! This dress is the perfect piece to dress up or down, a true chameleon. Made of Asciari's stunning cotton, linen, and silk, this piece can go casual or fancy with a mere change of shoes and accessories. A sweet babydoll shape, this dress has a wide cut with a fully gathered waist, side pockets, and a side neck.

About Asciari

Asciari is a brand based in Italy. The brand’s heritage is deeply rooted in the founders’ values: one brother and one sister, Pietro and Federica and their mother Marta. The urge of making something capable to be timeless, essential and valuable brought them to create Asciari, as a direct reflection of their lifestyle.

Asciari—from an archaic Sicilian word, “to search, to gather, to create a meeting”, is a workshop of ideas and projects where heritage, lifestyle, craftsmanship, and design are tightly interlaced. Precise aesthetics and cultural codes along with certain timeless values as education, respect and an understated conduct are the core principles.

Country of Origin



True to Size, our lovely model Dahee is 5'7" and wears size I


53%Cotton, 45%Linen, 3%Silk

963 USD
963 USD
963 USD