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Laïte | Celeste Dress in Tuberose Garden

by Laïte


This dress has a wonderful shape to it. The cut is easy to wear with the short sleeve style with a fully gathered waist. There are beautiful embroidered flowers throughout the dress.

About Laïte

LAITE is a brand inspired from personal memories and experiences. We believe living in the present moment with lightness and happiness. Our happiness lies in nature, flowers, fruits, vegetables, birds, animals, gardens, lakes, and parks. It manifests in gardening, painting, reading, bicycling, or cooking. It equally comes from passing by farmer markets, vintage shops, bakeries, patisseries, coffee shops, art museums, theatres and countryside. We draw inspirations from all the above and create poetic themes for each of our collection. Our next step includes choosing appropriate colour palettes, hand embroidery techniques and textile textures to illustrate our themes. All our embroideries and textures come from artisanal hand techniques of India. The embroideries and handworks are done by skilled craftsmen in an atelier in New Delhi, India. Each product being handmade may take several days to realize because of intricate and delicate work. Our brand is pronounced as “light” because we want to make every day “light”.

Additional Info

Artisanal Embroidery, Variations to be expected

Country of Origin



Karla is 5'6" and wears the size One


50% Cotton, 50% Linen

645 USD
645 USD
645 USD