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HTS Work Jacket in Olive Cotton

by HTS


This jacket is a classic! Inspired by antique workwear this piece adds an instant cool factor to any outfit. Just toss it on over your favorite t-shirt and you are going to look great! This jacket also has a load of pockets so you are all set to carry what you need with you! 

About HTS

The name comes from HARROW TOWN STORES, a workwear factory established in 1930 that provided uniforms and work clothes for school staff to prestigious schools such as HARROW SCHOOL, JOHN LYON SCHOOL, and ST.HELEN'S SCHOOL in London.
England, which created steam engines in the 19th century. The workwear that supported the Industrial Revolution has a no-frills and traditional atmosphere like a gentleman's country.
Each country has its own unique design, details, and materials, such as France, which has a stylish and sophisticated impression, and Germany, which has a strong image of being simple and sturdy and has functional beauty backed by a long history.
We are reconstructing based on the world view of European work & military wear, and we are proposing wear that is easy to incorporate as everyday wear.

Country of Origin



True to Size, Our lovely model Karla is 5'6" and wears the size 42


100% Cotton

320 USD
320 USD
320 USD