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Casey Casey | Atomless Less Dress in Black

by Casey Casey


This is an easy and classic Casey Casey Dress. Made with a lovely mid-weight cotton this dress is great for all seasons. It has an oversize fit with buttons down the front and two welt pockets. You can wear this dress as is or style it as a duster!

About Casey Casey

Casey Casey is designed by Gareth Casey in Paris France.  Attention is placed on high-quality materials and precise stitching.  All pieces are beautifully crafted and will last for many years to come.

Clothes that accompany you on your daily adventures and life’s journey, clothes in which to work, play, sleep, dance, and wander. A dress, to dress to address the day before us… Clothes in which to live your good life, a creative full life…What inspires us?… The beauty of aging, the patina of time, of use, wear… the beauty in the utilitarian, the utilitarian made beautiful.

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Oversize Fit, Our lovely model Karla is 5'6" and wears an Extra Small

Casey Casey Size Guide

Casey Casey pieces tend to be more oversized


100% Cotton

980 USD
980 USD
980 USD
980 USD