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forage vase in sand by vivian shao chen
  • forage vase in sand by vivian shao chen
  • forage vase in sand by vivian shao chen
  • forage vase in sand by vivian shao chen

forage vase in sand by vivian shao chen

+ a combination vessel for holding flowers or other things you might fancy by philadelphia based artist vivian shao chen, currently on exhibit with floral designs by alyssa rainville.  this piece comes in three parts, and can be used together or separately. 

+ this piece measures approximately 5.75" x 4.5" x 4.5".  each piece is unique and may have slight variances in size, shape, and texture.  this listing is for one unit, if you would like multiple units, please add more to your bag.

*Discount codes and store credits do not apply to purchases from special events and trunk shows

this item is from of terrestrial nature, a show at rennes on exhibit until the end of june. 

shipping: We are able to ship out pieces now that we have multiples of or are small (mugs, cups, etc) , but all the larger pieces will ship at the end of the month when the show comes down. If you have any specific shipping needs or requests or require a piece sooner, please contact us at and we are happy to help you with this.  if you are ordering multiple pieces from the show, the shipping quote given at check out may not be accurate and may incur an additional fee to make sure your pieces arrive safely.   all sales are final on pieces from the show, please ask any questions prior to purchase. 

rennes is proud to present Of Terrestrial Nature, a ceramic and floral installation. 

Guests are invited to settle in and habituate with not only the garments and textiles that are emblematic of rennes, but to welcome a harmonious visitation of ceramics and florals.

Each of Vivian Shao Chen’s ceramic works is meant to be a vessel that interprets our findings from the earth. The pieces are inspired by the dual nature of making- to disturb and take, but also to reshape and give. We take clay, made up of minerals, metals, and organic matter, and transform it with labor, water, and heat. We borrow earth’s natural palette and forms as a respectful tribute. In turn, the vessels can reframe a space and allow new expression of function and aesthetic. The vase that houses seasonal blooms is a pedestal for their short-lived beauty. A handle on a forage vase also acts as a picture frame, or a trellis for vine growth. This collection aims give new form to old life.

Alyssa Rainville finds reassurance and power in becoming acquainted with both the gentle and vigorous forces of nature.  Floral design is a way to grow intimately closer to that range of force.  Flowers and foliage may be locally grown in the Greater Philadelphia region, or visitors flown in from faraway lands.  No matter the origin, they are wanted, welcome, and treasured.

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