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HTS Aran Pullover in Jet Black

by HTS


This cable-knit Aran sweater is perfect. From the jet black color to the fit it is timeless and easy.

About HTS

The name comes from Harrow Town Stores, a workwear factory established in 1930 that provided uniforms and work clothes for school staff to prestigious schools such as Harrow School, John Lyon Scholl, and St.Helen's School in London.


True to Size, Fitted, Our lovely model Karla is 5'6" and wears the size 36

HTS Size Guide

There are either two or three sizes offered depending on the garment. 42- S/M, 44- M/L or 46- S/M, 48-M/L or 42-S, 44-M, 46-L


100% Wool

151 USD 300 USD
151 USD 300 USD