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Italguanto | Leather and Cashmere Gloves

by Italguanto


These are so stunning gloves. Made of beautiful leather, they are fully lined in knit cashmere!

About Italguanto

Born at the end of the nineteenth century, the Pistola family's passion for the artisanal production of gloves has grown over the years, for three generations and beyond. Proudly located in the heart of the famous glove-making district of Naples, the Italguanto company bases its roots in the pure craftsmanship of work and respect for a timeless tradition. The entire production chain, which concerns the choice of fabrics up to the hand finishing of the different collections, was first managed by Mr. Antonio, its founder, and today by his sons Michele and Mario. In a company that has become a large family, each glove is the result of care and enormous attention. Characteristics that make each model a fashion accessory, highly appreciated and requested in Italy and abroad as synonymous with the best Made in Italy. An acronym that represents in many countries the true beauty that lasts forever

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Lambs Leather & Cashmere


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185 USD
185 USD