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Nitto Corola Sweater in Black Silk

by Nitto


This sweater is perfect. Made of super-soft slinky knit silk, it has the most lovely drape and shape to it. It has an oversize sleeve and a v neck that gives it's such a cool and timeless look. We love this sweater so much and all the ways you can wear and pair it.

About Nitto

Nitto handcrafts unique clothes and accessories, focusing on clean, simple shapes and drawing fully from traditions around the world. These fresh pieces, for young and old alike, are made to be worn every day and to last over time. We value the materials and the caring hand that create each piece. All pieces are really handmade: hand-knitted, hand-crocheted, and hand-sewn. Natural and recycled materials, along with a dedication to sustainability, lend a romantic and timeless core to our collections. High-quality materials mean longer-lasting pieces that acquire even more value over time. All materials are sourced locally, looking for small providers to support the local textile industry is a central part of our project. We are slow, a Nitto sweater can involve the work of an independent woman up to 50 hours. Wait for it, it will last longer.

Everything is thought and designed by the Italian girl who created Nitto. Born and raised in Italy, she is a former professional violin player and teacher who graduated in classical violin at the age of 20. Time passed by she met fashion and she has fallen in love with it. She has found many similarities between music and the esthetic lines of a dress. The cleanness of shapes are as elegant as a music score.

Additional Info

Hand spun yarn, hand knit sweater, variations are to be expected and are part of the beauty

Country of Origin



One Size, Our lovely model Elise is 5'8"


100% Hand Spun Silk

940 USD