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Xenia Telunts | Garun Cardigan in Black

by Xenia Telunts


What a cozy sweater! The knit is soft yet substantial and is the perfect piece to add to any look.

About Xenia Telunts

Xenia TeluntsĀ is a Muscovite designer; working in England and using local manufacturing and organic materials, while practicing low and zero waste pattern cutting techniques to make gender-neutral clothing in an ethical way.

Country of Origin

United Kingdom


True to Size, Karla is 5'6" and wears the size 1. Designers unique sizing.

Xenia Telunts Size Guide

Unisex Sizing, 0-XS, 1-S, 2-M, 3-L, 4-XL


100% Cotton

508 USD
508 USD
508 USD
508 USD