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Renata Brenha | Gal Dress in Blue Cotton

by Renata Brenha


This dress is a work of art! The bodice is fully hand pleated the full way around with ties at the back. We love how elegant this dress is and how it can be dressed up or down! The light blue cotton is really lovely, it has such a dimensional color with the way it is woven. The color is like a fresh breath of spring! 

About Renata Brenha

Renata Brenha is a Brazilian designer based in London and uses upcycled materials and works with artisanal techniques.  She is known for her beautiful pleated and smocked pieces and reinvents styles with it each season.

Renata Brenha is a London-based Brazilian womenswear designer with an MA in Fashion (Womenswear) from the Royal College of Art. She stands as a Latin American female voice in the context of contemporary fashion, researching artisanal techniques and intuitive methods to regain the human aspect in design, with the largely mixed Latin American culture defining both her aesthetics and approach. Brenha's textiles are largely developed in-house, through artisanal tech­niques and carefully chosen materials that would otherwise be considered as waste. The brand has the aspiration to push sustainable methods and craftsmanship to develop a new creative practice able to face the global challenges of our times. 

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True to Size, Karla is 5'6" and wears the size Small


100% Cotton

832 USD 1,188 USD
832 USD 1,188 USD
832 USD 1,188 USD