My Bag rennes

rennes is a design studio that began in 2008. All pieces are designed in house; many are sewn by hand in our studio and some are produced locally in Massachusetts by skilled artisans.  Attention is placed on small details, unique materials and craftsmanship. We believe that making items by hand creates community and inspires others to do the same. We also carry other brands whose purpose, ethos, and aesthetic corresponds with our own.  Thank you so much for coming by.

How did we get our name? Good question, long answer! Besides designing, we have a passion for archaeology, anthropology, folklore, and history. Rennes-le-chateau is located in southwestern France in the Pyrenees and is home to a legend about the holy grail (we were into this way before the da vinci code). For simplicity’s sake we shortened that to rennes, which is also a city in northern France. rennes also means reindeer.  If we started over again we might pick something else, but once something sticks it's too late to change.