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Lorna Murray | Island Capri Hat in Kaimu

by Lorna Murray


What a lovely hat! We love Lorna Murray hats for their super unique style and for how easy they are to pack and wear. They have a string tie for added security; now, those breezy days can't steal your hat! 

This hat features black and white stripes with texture in the black stripes. There is black piping. 

About Lorna Murray

Lorna Murray is an ethical and sustainable Australian brand, where effortless glamour meets coastal bohemian. All apparel is handcrafted ethically by artisans in Lorna's studio in South East Asia and is sustainably made with 100% natural fibres, with minimal environmental impact. Lorna Murray is inspired by rich craft-based histories, eclectic urban environments and natural landscapes. The Lorna Murray Apparel muse is a global traveller, a wanderer, a sun-seeker, a go-getter. They are curious, open-minded individuals with a vivid imagination

Additional Info

Made with Natural Materials small variations to be expected

Country of Origin



Fits a wide variety of sizes, 56-58 cm


100% Organic Grass Fibers

160 USD