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Album di Famiglia | Sleeveless Blazer CC in Pottery

by Album di Famiglia


What a wonderful and unique take on a classic on the classic blazer, this time, no sleeves! We love vests at Rennes, and this is no exception. From the color to the fabric, this vest is perfect in our eyes. There are buttons down the front, pockets, and a back vent.

About Album di Famiglia

We simply create clothes in which you can live. But they are not just for you. Wearing them, you will meet other people, and you will walk with them, in a park or through life. So you have to be dressed at your best. And your best is simply be yourself.

The story of Album di Famiglia started in 2000 with a dream of Monica Rusconi, a designer. At once her sister Patrizia joined her in this adventure, and in 2011 her brother Giovanni did the same. 18 years have passed since. It’s a long story. One of these days we will tell you…

Country of Origin



True to Size, our lovely model Dahee is 5'8" and wears size small


100% Cotton

470 USD 670 USD
470 USD 670 USD
470 USD 670 USD