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Tangent Hand Soap - Multiple Scents

by Tangent


We are so thrilled to have such a wonderful assortment of hand soaps to show you, each as wonderfully smelling as the last - how to pick?  These six are our shop favorites, though it was hard to narrow down which ones to order!  One for you and perhaps one for a gift too?
    • Oud-  Oud is "generously wooden" with resinous spikes. Oud smells of sweet summer evenings. A hint of pine with an undertone of sweetness
    • Fir-  The scent is Siberian fir, native to the Taiga east of the Volga. Balsamic wood aroma with crisp pine top note. Fir smells of hiking beneath the trees. The fresh minty scent of the woods on a cool morning.
    • Tulip- The striking scent of freshly cut tulips. Tulip smells of summer dreams. The fresh scent of working in the flower garden, preparing a bouquet for a loved one. Not overly floral, very fresh and early summer scented
    • Clover- The scent of white clover, floral with a wisp of new grass and nectar. Clover smells of laying on a freshly cut lawn. Of picking clover to make clover crowns. Smells like spring.
    • Kiyomi-  Japanese Kiyomi orange citrus scent, happy and refined. Kiyomi smells of fresh and candied citrus, a slight gingery undertone.

About Tangent

Ever since we set out in 2012 sustainability has been central to us. Our products are natural and organic, and they have been from the outset. The natural aspect was important, not only in order to avoid harmful chemicals but as a mean to raise the overall product quality. We have applied the same strict rules when formulating new products and adding them to our range. In summation “This is green” means that Tangent GC skin and garment care products are: - Organic and vegan - Cruelty and fossil free - Sustainably produced and packaged

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350 ml


Organic perfumed liquid soap - no color, preservatives or petrochemicals. High fat content and glycerin, suitable for delicate skin.


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