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Feldspar | Tea Strainer in White & Cobalt

by Feldspar


This is one beautiful tea strainer. We are big tea drinkers and there is something lovely about the ceremony of using loose leaf tea. This would make a lovely gift for the tea drinker in your life!

About Feldspar

Feldspars' ethos was to create ‘objects for life’ - beautiful things made properly and to last, with an elegant and simple aesthetic to weather the trends of the time. Inspired by items their grandparents used daily that were fifty, or even 300 years old and still serving their purpose perfectly, Jeremy and Cath began by making a mug for coffee - with a wonky profile to sit perfectly in the hand (mugs are only cylindrical because they are easier to make that way) and a fine handle hand-painted in a deep Cobalt blue to echo the palette of classic chinaware. Made out of fine bone china (the strongest type of ceramic) by family pottery in Stoke on Trent.

Country of Origin

United Kingdom


180mm x 60mm


Fine Bone China


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68 USD