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Manuelle Guibal | Simple Pantalon in Bora Bora

by Manuelle Guibal


Don't let the name fool you! These pants may be simple, but they are perfect. They have a wonderful shape with a narrow leg, elastic waist, and side pockets.

About Manuelle Guibal

A lovely line of clothes designed in Paris and dyed in the most beautiful array of colors.  Between linens and cottons, we are sure you will find something you will love!

For Manuelle Guibal, clothing is an art of living. It is even her own art of living that this fashion designer aims to share with other women. Because clothing is a reflection of oneself, because it is both clothing and shelter, for Manuelle Guibal it is simple, enveloping, protective and soft. It accompanies the gesture, underlines the grace of the movement, and helps to reveal the personality of the wearer.
Sleek, very contemporary clothes, which play with fashion and favor durability, balance, and freedom. Freedom to assemble them as you wish, freedom to move, freedom to be yourself, quite simply. Freedom, is a value that is the key to the success of this brand made in France.

Additional Info

Each piece is hand dyed and variations are to be expected

Country of Origin



True to size, Our lovely model Christie is 5'9" and wears the size One

Manuelle Guibal Size Guide

One-Small, Two-Medium, Three-Large, Four-Extra Large


100% Linen

278 USD 395 USD
278 USD 395 USD
278 USD 395 USD