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Risa Nakamura | Knit "V" Vest in Wool & Cashmere

by Risa Nakamura


This vest is a little pop of sunshine in any outfit. This cute vest is perfect for layering and adding some color and some warmth. It has low armholes and a turtleneck. There are slits at the hip which makes it perfect for pairing with skirts and dresses or trousers!

About Risa Nakamura

"I was very privileged, I had the opportunity to work with revolutionary geniuses who have made me discover new worlds, enriching me professionally and humanly. With this heavy baggage on my shoulders, I risked never being satisfied; everything after them could seem taken for granted. Incredible how a fortune can become a burden. But when I met Risa Nakamura, contrary to my usual fears, I realized I was dealing with someone with a strong identity. She does not make revolutions, but the ardour, the care, the rigour, with which she pursues her path are enchanting and rare. I cannot help but tell her story, and support her. Nothing is left to chance in her work, she strives for perfection to the point of exhaustion. Fascinated by quality craftsmanship, conceptual thinking, creative synthesis, she takes her ideas to their essence. She has a strong and recognisable style, without smearing. She loves pure and natural materials, she knows how to use them properly, she is not bourgeois but remains extremely elegant. That secret elegance that doesn't overdo it but gets attention because it is very personal and cultured. Risa renews the contemporary, with that simplicity that only the great possess. I wish her the best, she deserves it." -Risa Nakamura by Franca Soncini

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One Size, our lovely model Karla is 5'6"


90% Wool, 10% Cashmere

575 USD