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Runaway Bicycle | Light Blue Quilt

by Runaway Bicycle


At first glance, these may seem like classic quilts, but they are so much more! These works of art are each handcrafted by a small group of artisans who create them on the loom. There is no stitching involved; each quilt is made by creating pockets in the fabric as it is woven and stuffing each pocket with cotton to create the little pillows. This kind of work is incredibly intricate, and you can really see the skill of the maker in each quilt.

About Runaway Bicycle

Runaway Bicycle was born in 2014, in a small one-bedroom apartment. Raised during after-work hours, Preeti Verma the founder, juggled her day job in advertising to put together a collection borne out of a personal need.  Runaway Bicycle’s work today, essentially rests in linking the skills of traditional weavers and dyers spread all across India with those of the craftsmen working out of the studio. The collective skills they bring is an accumulation of knowledge passed down through many generations. Eventually resulting in garments and pieces of home décor, that defy trends and seasons, and will be handed down to future generations.

Additional Info

This lovely designer uses hand-loomed fabrics, variations in color and texture are to be expected. It's what makes this piece so special!

Country of Origin



82.5 X 57”


50% Cotton, 50% Poly


*Final Sale*

465 USD