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Seventyfive | Raglan Sleeve Dress in Striped Linen

by Seventyfive


This dress is a dream. It is made with a beautiful, subtle striped linen. The effect is a soft and classic dress with amazing details. There is a beautiful, unique neckline with rounded jade buttons at the back of the neck. The sleeves have a lovely bell shape to them, and there is a full-gathered skirt. The dress features a removable tie belt and side pockets.

About SeventyFive

seventyfive is an artisanal fashion brand founded by Janny Jingyi Ye. At seventyfive, we design, create, and produce garments in our North London studio. seventyfive considers what a contemporary Chinese fashion rooted in Chinese aesthetic history might look like. We engage with Chinese aesthetics and identity through a combination of late-19th and early-20th century archival photography, magazines, and illustrations from China, as well as our own family history, as understood through family photos and oral history. The garments we create with seventyfive are a relationship between body, object, identity, and memory. In doing this, we take a research-led approach to fashion. seventyfive integrates the philosophies of slow-fashion into its practice. We use vintage and upcycled fabrics, in-house natural dye, ethically sourced materials, and produce garments that are meant to last. In doing this, we are attempting to create garments that will live as long as the people and memories that inspired them.

Country of Origin

London, UK


Myah is 5'7" and wears the size One



952 USD
952 USD
952 USD