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Aseedonclöud | Embroidered Jacket in Black

by Aseedoncloud


This jacket is so unique. It is lightweight and has beautiful detailing throughout. There is an embroidered motif on the chest. The jacket is double-breasted with welt pockets.

About Aseedonclöud

One of the most exciting, inventive, and unique brands we've ever seen, Aseedonclöud makes the most unique clothes and lookbooks - their look books and styling and illustrations are over the top in the most amazing way!

The brand name is derived from a picture book title (a seed on cloud) Kentaro Tamai as the designer created when he was in a kindergarten. The collection is based on working clothes, inspired by the late 19th to early 20th period. He focuses on the functionality of the working clothes and comfort, translates into the modern style, based on a fictitious profession and the lifestyles he creates.

Country of Origin



88% Cotton, 6% Linen, 6% Rayon

504 USD 630 USD
504 USD 630 USD